In the News

So a while back a reporter did a piece on me for Spirit Magazine (the in-flight magazine for South West Airlines).  The concept was about entrepreneurs that found careers based on things they loved doing.  Hosting and running trivia has been truly one of the most unique experiences I could ever imagine and each day I look forward to finding not only new ways of entertaining people on a weekly basis, but to find ways to expand my business and become and effective and successful business man.  Couple screen shots below for the people who didn't fly South West thatmonth


Some Trivia Flair

I have written in the past about my start hosting trivia and how it has become something more than a side gig in my life.  I decided it was time to add a little flair to my trivia style.  I always joked about how funny it would be to have a Price is Right microphone, finally that dream is now becoming a reality.  This is gonna be great. Now all I need is a Plinko machine and I think I will need nothing else in life.