Inside my Mind - Adele's Hello

Like most of America, it is impossible to get Adele's newest song Hello out of their heads.  However, what I envision might be a little different than most.  Adele who has a beautiful singing voice has also one of the most hilarious cockney accents I have ever heard.  So every time I hear the chorus I think of the small worm from the film Labyrinth who says Allo instead of hello and confuses Jennifer Connolly. 

I have decided to turn my vision to a poorly made reality with this Youtube video.  Enjoy

What is the most baller Jeopardy player ever?

Last week was the teen tournament on Jeopardy and I especially love watching teen week because it is even easier to desimate while watching alone in my living room.  However this young fellow was hilarious.  The man played like a boss and deserved to win.  Watch the highlights from the finals below.  Also his final Jeopardy answer is hilarious.




Fools Fest 2013

I have just returned from Mardi Gras and I am already thinking to the future.  The excitement of Fools Fest has begun.  It is a yearly tournament where teams from all over the country gather to play ultimate along and celebrate by having one of the most foolish times ever.  We have sent a SUNY Buffalo/Albany alumni team for the past 4 years and cannot be more excited for our 5th trip.  It is one of the only opportunities where all of our close friends are able to get together, party and reminisce on times long past.  We recently just completed our video bid for the tournament. 

Each year we have sent in a video showing why we should be accepted into the tournament.  Check out our videos from 2012 and 2011

The theme for 2013 was to display our team hanging out with “Flat Jesty” a cartoon drawing of a jester.  We decided to make it more into a love story. 


37 Days Until Fools Fest. 

Chopper sings the Holiday Hits

This is what happens when my friend gets a couple drinks in his system and a microphone in his hand.   There is nothing is better than spending Christmas eve with a bunch of your closest friends as you all sing some of those time honored classics like Frosty the Snowman.  Sorry for the poor quality video, but chances are if you are watching this clip it is not for the cinematography.

Fuerza Bruta

This past weekend I went to see Fuerza Bruta for the 2nd time.  The show is absolutely breath taking.  There is just so much that occurs in it to keep the audience engaged.  I love how interactive it is and the pure energy that each cast member exudes.  I remember first hearing about this show a couple years ago when my friend “Q” went and saw it.  He ranted and raved about it for weeks and I pretty much shrugged his reviews off.  I eventually saw it on my own accord and was blown away.  Ever since I have probably done the same rants and raves, praising the show.  Usher recently filmed his music video Scream at the show as well.  Below is a video I took at the show just showing a bit of what the show is all about.  Go See Fuerza Bruta!  You will not regret it.

Hardcore Parkour

Vinny Fiacco is a man turned legend when tales of his abdomen and the mystical powers they posses swept the nation. He for the past couple years moved into the woods of Boulder Colorado to hone his skills as an expert parkour enthusiast.  Days turned into weeks and weeks into months, however from what I have seen of his Ninja Warrior audition tapes he has truly become a master of the skill.  It is important to know that before all the fame and fortune that will soon rain upon my good friend, he was once a freshman in a SUNY Albany dorm room beginning to live the dream.