Chopper sings the Holiday Hits

This is what happens when my friend gets a couple drinks in his system and a microphone in his hand.   There is nothing is better than spending Christmas eve with a bunch of your closest friends as you all sing some of those time honored classics like Frosty the Snowman.  Sorry for the poor quality video, but chances are if you are watching this clip it is not for the cinematography.

Hardcore Parkour

Vinny Fiacco is a man turned legend when tales of his abdomen and the mystical powers they posses swept the nation. He for the past couple years moved into the woods of Boulder Colorado to hone his skills as an expert parkour enthusiast.  Days turned into weeks and weeks into months, however from what I have seen of his Ninja Warrior audition tapes he has truly become a master of the skill.  It is important to know that before all the fame and fortune that will soon rain upon my good friend, he was once a freshman in a SUNY Albany dorm room beginning to live the dream.

Back from Hawaii and this is the first thing I want to share.


So I have returned from my vacation and besides a reletively decent sunburn and an extreme lack of sleep, I feel pretty good.  The trip was full of amazing people that truly make any vacation beyond compare.  I brought my camcorder on the trip in hopes to capture some of the fun that was to be had in Hawaii and Boulder. I realized soon after that I am a horrible camera-man when I am drunk and that usually the footage I obtain would only be interesting to a handful of people, however the clip below is quite the exception.  It is a brief video of one of my friends drunkenly negotiating the terms of a punishment he is about to receive.  The result is 5 clean hits to the face.  It may be one of the most hilarious and scary things I have ever filmed.