My Very First SantaCON

The very first Santa Con in NYC was such a unique and fun experience.  This was before the event became over popularized and hated by so many.  It was our first year in New York City and we heard of this event where people would dress up like Santa and various other Christmas themed characters and bounce around from place to place celebrating the holiday and drinking along the way.  I had been working at bar in the east village hosting weekly trivia and had become quite close with many of the bar staff there.  The head bartender Diana, loved the idea of having a morning open bar where we would pregame prior to going out for the Santa con festivities.  My apartment at the time was tiny and would not be able to fit the people that wanted to attend.  From there it became a shit show.  The open bar was chaotic.  I remember at one point Tank being behind the bar just pouring expensive whiskey into a solo cup for him to enjoy.  Needless to say we got our moneys worth (considering it was $20 for 2 hours).  Then it was time to hit the streets.    We really had no idea where to go or what to do.  We stopped by what we thought was the first stop on the Santa Con route.  It was a bar called Lunesa.  It was 11 am and empty.  There was a couple with their child dressed as Santa and a couple others at the bar.  There was a great video eventually posted online of Q dancing outside from their security footage.  He was dressed in a green-man outfit with a Santa hat.  Also in route to the first bar Feetch punched Tank in the face, while I was not there for this I do remember hearing the story retold constantly throughout the day.  Pretty much the story gets hazy from this point out as it ended up being various drunken moments but here are some of the highlights

-Crowd of Santa’s all at the Post Office

-Christian B. getting a Christmas tree as his costume and just carrying it around all day.

-Ending up in a karaoke night club with Emily Cho that was filled with Santa’s

-Posing in Wedding photos with a couple