Important Moments


There was a house party out in CT at Ali Kruk’s house.  The theme was something along the lines of a Rodeo.  I remember that I needed flannel so I raided Liv’s closet for an outfit.   The night was spent mingling, playing drinking games and all the other fun stuff one experiences during a house party.  At one point Seth was trying to get a group of us into the bedroom so that he can tell us something.  At this point in the evening everyone had a decent buzz on them and did not have a full understanding of the reasoning behind gathering John, Ferri, Billy and I all in a single room.  We eventually found out he wanted to ask us to be his groomsmen for his wedding.  I would say that for about 15 minutes he was not able to get more than 3 of us in the room.  As soon as we were one shy, someone would volunteer to go out and get the other person, never returning.  I know that at one point I went out to get Shockey, but then took his spot on the beer pong table.  Ferri I believe just relaxed on the bed drinking the liquor.  Finally we all are in the room and Seth asks us to be his groomsmen.  It came as a complete shock to me and it was something I was not expecting. 

My Grandfather

When I was a kid I would frequently visit my grandparents.  I absolutely loved going upstate and stay with them.  It was such a dramatic change from the lifestyle I lived at home.  Plus as most grandparents do, I was spoiled.  Spoiled in my family’s case was the occasional McDonalds and Entenmann's cinnamon rolls in the morning.  My grandparents lived on an cattle farm and at some point late in my childhood the cattle farm closed and my grandparents retired.  My grandparents bought a place upstate and started the retired life.  At some point during my many visits to the house, I noticed my grandfather would eat a bowl of ice cream every evening.  At one point I decided to ask my grandfather why he ate a bowl of ice cream each night.  He said simply “Why Not?”  That always stuck out in my mind.