Ultimate Frisbee

The Burger Challege

After sectionals during one of the many years where ultimate consumed my life, we went to a restaurant in Ithaca that was known for having a burger challenge.    Our team had some established eaters on it and challenges such as this really allowed them to test themselves or at least win a free t-shirt.  The challenge was simple, a person had to consume the entire meal without throwing up.  The meal consisted of 4 burgers on what seemed to be a loaf of Italian bread.  I remember the bread being one of the toughest parts about the challenge.  Right away Zac, Liv and I say that we plan on doing the challenge, then out of left field Billy Olli states his intentions to enter the challenge as well.  Many teammates scoff at this and try to deter him.  I remember him saying that he once at 4 big king burgers from Burger King and that this would be easy.  The restaurant was filled with Bashing Pinata players as well as Kung Fu Grip players, which was a team from upstate NY.  The plates are brought out and I remember thinking that perhaps I got in over my head.  The eating commences and in 15 minutes Zac finishes the meal.  He then was informed that the overall time record was 11 minutes. (He would later return to break that record)  Liv now no longer pressured by direct competition with Zac was able to take his time and finish leisurely somewhere in the range of 20 minutes.  I take significantly longer as my focus was simply to accomplish the task and finish the meal.  I finish the meal in 40.  Now all eyes are on Billy as he is clearly struggling with his challenge.  When there are around 30 eyes watching one person eat, especially with our group, the amount of heckles or cheers is abundant.  Shockey would walk over and give reassuring words of wisdom and say things to hype Billy up.  I spend my time threatening to field tackle him if he tries to run to the bathroom to vomit.   There was probably a half of a burger left with a decent amount of excess bread.  The next thing we all see is Billy grabbing an empty water pitcher at the table and vomiting into it.  The best way to describe it is by saying that it resembled a soft serve ice cream dispenser.  He fills the pitcher to the top and a series of cheers and boos fills the room.  Shockey walks over and just takes his water bottle back with a face of disappointment.  Afterwards Zac, Liv and myself get our t-shirts and a photo, which would be placed on their wall.  Billy says that he still hungry as he just vomited up his entire meal.  We all laugh and high five as the camera freezes us in mid motion.  Great times for all