Caroline Rhea Show

A Free Day in NYC

For the first couple years of college I, along with many of my friends were flat broke.  The only funds I had were whatever I was able to save up from the previous years of working part time in High School.  I was in a new city and just starting college.  It was not an opportune time to start finding a job.  Unfortunately my parents also were not in a position to assist much either.  When you have no money you really find unique ways to fill your time and still go on adventures of sorts.  During one of my holiday breaks, while visiting home Lucas, Richie P. Leon and myself decided to take a trip to Manhattan.  We did research and found a bunch of stuff that we could do that would be free.  We woke up super early to get down to the city because the first stop on this adventure was sitting in the audience for a taping of the Caroline Rhea Show.  The show it self really has no lasting memory with the exception that Billy Zane was there, and we received a jazz cd and some Centrum multi-vitamins.  I wish I could tell you how we filled time the rest of the day, but I really do not remember.  The other main segment of this trip was that we were going to Usher for the off-Broadway show Blue Man Group.  At that point they had a program where you could volunteer to usher and in return see the show.  Prior to that, Richie P. gave Lucas ample amount of shit for not wearing a tie.  He called it unprofessional and forced us to go to a store and pick out a tie for him.  We went to the K-Mart in Astor Place.  An area I would eventually become extremely familiar with as I eventually moved to that area.  Seeing Blue Man Group was always a fun time as it was wild, energetic, artistic and overall free.  Which was something that was necessary at the time for some of us.