Circuit City

String of Bad Luck

Back when I was 17 I worked in the computer department of Circuit City as a commission sales-person.  It was a pretty sweet job as my pay was determined by my ability to push computers and more importantly the service agreements on various customers.  I was pretty damn good at it too.  I was making great money for a 17-year-old working part time.  There was a week though that put quite the dent in my financial stockpile.  I was driving a Dodge Spirit, which was my father’s back up car.  I didn't ever really enjoy driving a car so owning a car for myself was not really a priority in life.  However even if driving a older car, a person should be aware of all the things a car needs… mainly oil.  I essentially destroyed my fathers back up car because I never put oil in it and ruined the transmission.  So there I was with no car and a job that I needed to get to.  I was forced to ask friends and my parents for rides to Circuit City after school so that I could get to work.  One day I was running late for work and my father had to drive me.  He is a notoriously slow driver and in my mind that would just be too much, so I asked if I could drive to work.  I don't think i was recklessly driving, though I will say my mind was all over the place.  I was about 2 minutes from work when the car in front of me stopped short and I went crashing into the back of them.  It was your basic fender bender, however our car was going nowhere fast.  I do not remember what exactly happened in terms of insurance exchange or the cops, but I do remember that I was not going to be late for work and I ran to my job while everything was still being sorted out.  In one weekend I totaled 2 cars.  It put quite the hit on my wallet.  To top everything off, the following week I was in a friend’s car, complaining about the current situation and I punched the windshield of their car from the passenger seat and cracked their window.  It was yet another thing I had to pay for and truly the icing on the cake.