Failed High School Party

Senior year of high school a group of our friends decided we wanted to throw an epic event.  A standard weekend routine for us at this point would be to play ultimate and have a bbq, grilling essentially whatever we could get our hands on.  We decided at one point that it was time to step our game up.  We wanted to throw a huge party where tons of people would come and grill and watch/play ultimate.  This sounded like a perfect plan.  The Frisbee Q was born.  The event escalated quickly where before I knew it, we had bands lined up to play and what seemed like hundreds of people planning on attending.  Lucas and I made flyers and would go around handing them out to anyone inviting them to the event.  I would like to note that the event was going to be held in my front yard.  My front yard of my parent’s rental property that was shared with 9 other tenants.  I told my parents that we would be having a BBQ and playing ultimate with some friends, something that obviously would not set off any flags with them as we did that quite frequently.  It is amazing that when you are young, just how ignorant and inconsiderate you can be towards what is going on around you.  Especially when all you care about is having the event and making it as big as possible.  It was about a week prior to the event and I believe we had a couple bands lined up, tons of people talking about the event and a pair of parents in the dark about what exactly was about to happen on their front lawn.  A group of us the weekend prior decided to drive up to SUNY Geneseo because we were invited to scrimmage their college team which our friend Nathan had recently joined.  This was super exciting for us, because at this point we hadn’t even played another high school.  We played them with a rag tag squad of only 7 and I believe 2 of us were injured during the game.  Surprisingly enough we won, which was awesome for us.  I do not even think we stayed the night.  I believe we drove up just for the day.  After the game, I remember looking at my phone and seeing a call from my dad.  I call him back and it may have been one of the few times in my life I have heard such anger in his voice.  He told me that he found out at his job about the party we were throwing and the magnitude of it.  He was absolutely livid and said that there was no way the party was happening and to get home immediately.  To be honest, I am not sure if he even knew that at that given moment I was in upstate New York.  I tell my friends and our faces just dropped.  The car ride was depressing to say the least.  We had no idea how to even cancel the event at this point.  I mean we were handing out flyers to anyone we sort of knew.  Luckily word spread pretty quickly and that was that.  I think a couple bands were pissed that we canceled their gig, but really nothing that left a lasting impression in my mind.  Lucas and some others came over the day of the cancelled party so that if people came we would be able to turn them away.  I think we didn’t turn anyone away though and ended up having a smaller get together and grilled food.   That was probably the first time a party I had planned completely crashed and burned.