Poor Decisions

Take the Chips and Run

The summer of my senior year of high school was one of the wildest times of my life.  A group of my friends all moved in together in a large house that was owned by one of our friend’s father.  His dad was going to be sailing for the year and somehow Leon convinced him to let him and 5 of his friends move into the house.  I still to this day have no idea how he pulled it off.  I am sure there will be plenty of stories throughout the year going into further detail about the chaos that ensured during my brief stay in what we called “The Chicken Coop” prior to leaving for Albany.   I do not want to say that the people that lived in the house were bad people.  I loved each one of them, however it is fair to say that each of them had a moral code that was skewed in their own unique way.  When there is that many people living together for the first time on their own with loose morals, it created a powder keg of sorts.  Probably the worst at the time was Eric.  There was one day where I had to go to get dog food for our newly acquired pet and Eric asked to tag along.  We drove over to the stop and shop and we walked in to the store.   The way the store was laid out was there was the entrance doors then a little area where the recycling center was and some random food items they were promoting.  This week it was a bulk pack of wise potato chips.  It was those lunch packs that made any grade school child gitty when their parents came home with one.  Eric was just staring at it and said he would meet me at the car.  I go in and buy the dog food.  As I am walking out of to the car, I hear my name being shouted and I turn and see Eric running to the car with a couple boxes of these chips.  He screams “get in the car” I run to the car and get it started.  He jumps in and I peel out.  I have no idea if someone was chasing him or what I just acted on impulse.  He said once in the car that there was a security guard just hanging out and he didn’t seem to be leaving any time soon so Eric decided to just grab them and run.  I look back at this period of my life and see lots of things that I could of done differently.  They were not always the best decisions, but they were at least my choices.