Vegas and the Craps Table

I learned how to play craps while attending the Trouble in Vegas ultimate tournament.  Ultimate was the perfect catalyst to travel the country and experience new and exciting things with a huge group of friends.   Getting ready for the trip I set a budget.  I knew exactly how much money I was willing to lose out in Vegas.  I believe I set my limit at 2000, which at that point in my life was a huge chunk of change.  I used the reasoning that you do not visit Vegas often and it was more for the experience.  My game up until that point was a mix of black jack and roulette.  They are simple games that were quick and to the point.  I do not have patience for poker as I tend to just start betting impulsively based on my mood.    I wanted to learn craps though because it seemed like a fun interactive game.  I have always considered myself lucky with dice, based solely on my experience playing games like Yahtzee and Risk as a child.  Talking with Wexler, he mentioned that he knew the game and would be happy to teach it to me.  The first night playing I learned the basic rules and eventually had the chance to roll.  Rolling is so exciting because everyone there is watching you and betting on you.  It is quite the thrill.  I went on a bit of a heater where during my run people like Devo and Wexler made a decent amount of cash.  I however did not take full advantage of the situation because I was so consumed with rolling.  I think at the end of the evening I was a couple hundred up while Devo and Wexler each made close to a thousand.  I now had the itch.  I saw how much money others made and I wanted to not get mine.  After the days activities we return to the craps table.  At this point word spread through our group that a bunch of us made money the night prior and people were now around to just watch.  Sure enough we have another good night where I make a little over one thousand in the night.  I was euphoric.  My entire trip was paid for and I could not be happier.  Normally a person at this point would just cash in and chalk that up as a win, however on the final day of the trip a small group of us were still hanging out at the hotel, killing time before we had to leave for our flight.  I figured why not spend a little more and see what happens.  A little more turned into a day drunk filled spectacle where I labeled myself the recession buster and only went by my gambling alias Johnny Boombots.  Wicus was also at the casino that morning and immediately lost even more money, rightfully earning the name Cold Hands Chris Wicus.  The flight home was brutal as I was coming down from my buzz and now had what I can only label as a weeks worth of hangovers combined into one giant hell.   The trip was free and Johnny Boombots was born