August's Daily Dose of Rants

08-31-11  Huricane Irene flooded NJ, but everyone was happy they could still cut people off in their boats.

08-30-11   If I do not get my election committee together in time, I am going to have to change my twitter handle from sonny_2012 to sonny_2016 before it's nabbed up.

08-29-11   Before the hurricane, I never skipped pebbles on my floor!

08-28-11   Slap some sails on that bitch and make it a boat.

08-27-11   Lil puppy dog with buck teeth.

08-26-11  Tornados are really stepping their game up.

08-25-11   Thick shakes!

08-24-11   To be taken serious at work use the word "shall".

08-23-11   I fell down the stars, I am going to take a nap, and then call some hospitals.

08-22-11   Above ground pools are for poor people.

08-21-11   If you are zoning out and someone asks you what you think, say "Double it"

08-20-11   How do they make baby carrots?

08-19-11   Whichever my friends gets a laser first, that is my best friend.

08-18-11   I sure talk a lot about the moon.

08-17-11   Using a key to mark ones vehicle with your name is a sign of love and beauty.

08-16-11   I bet no one cares if you steal dvd's these days.

08-15-11   How many chrome skulls are on your guitar?

08-14-11   I cannot imagine what movie people will charge for 5d films.

08-13-11   Recycle, instead of a towel use newspapers you find outside.

08-12-11   Promotional cigarrettes.

08-11-11   If you said you were going to give someone the finger and gave them a hotdog, you are doing it wrong.

08-10-11   Actions speak louder than words, like the action of yelling.

08-09-11   My landlord bought a bunch of boomboxes with my deposit.

08-08-11   Point is I am the center of this world, and I do not care, so do what you want.

08-07-11  There is a race of people in the inner core of the moon, that I am racist against.

08-06-11   Ever since Vitamin Water, I only drink Reverse Osmosis Water.

08-05-11   I like the protective grease film that forms on my skin after not showering for one hour.

08-04-11   Before I did not understand one MF Doom album.

08-03-11   I recently got a wisdom tooth out, and right after I ate popcorn, I am writing a movie about this event, it's called, "Blood Everywhere"

08-02-11   I've made my way on to a lot of wedding waitlists.

08-01-11   Does being a gynecologist take formal training?