January's Daily Dose of Rants

Sonny Frazee has ended his sentence section claiming that he has given too much joy to the world and would like to go back to his roots of spreading pain and fear amongst his peers. Thank you for following.

01-07-12  I go H.A.M. eating ham.

01-06-12  When I show up to a party they call me Vick, because I bring a bunch of bitches, and I make them fight

01-05-12  2012 and yet, no mannequins with areolas.

01-04-12  Pretty insecure about how much I can enjoy Glee.

01-03-12  What's your favorite typo?

01-02-12  I am the eye of the storm, madness surrounds me; serenity within.

01-01-12  Throats Throats and Throats, probably what one of those store signs in China Town says.