June's Daily Dose of Rants

06-30-11  Michael Cera's one movie has been re-released 15 times with different titles.

06-29-11  I'm getting each wisdom tooth taken out one at a time to get the maximum amount of narcotic pain killers.

06-28-11  When writing a menu with Fingerling Potatoes, make sure you include the L.

06-27-11  Coffee > Ice Coffee > Plasma Coffee.

06-26-11  Hublot - the office sponsor of stoppage time everywhere.

06-25-11  The best part about those jobs you had as a teen was hanging out in the walk-in refrigerators.

06-24-11  If you ever get the chance, change your residency to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

06-23-11  I wish my job would have a lockout.

06-22-11  I am enduring an incredible challenge, I am not going to drink alcohol in any form for ten days.

06-21-11  The only way to have fun for free is at the expense of someone else.

06-20-11  Happy Birthday Doc Cots

06-19-11  Teams should have their cinematic introductions directed by David Lynch.

06-18-11  When I sent the last group of sentences to Ryan, I spent 10 minutes making the spacing between them very awkward, in order to annoy him as he copy and pasted them to the website.

06-17-11  I love basketball, but I say Colby Bryan at work so people do not try to relate to me.

06-16-11  Humidity and greasy hair.

06-15-11  Thundersticks are much better than the noodley looking things that people wave.

06-14-11  Whether you win or lose the Kentucky Derby, you're still going to be made into glue.

06-13-11  There are a couple subway lines, that the only time I've been on them, is when I've woken up drunk and disoriented.

06-12-11  I gave a small speech about how thermostats did not contain thermometers today.

06-11-11  Benadryl gets rid of allergy symptoms, but produces zombie symptoms.

06-10-11  I went to open Microsoft word, and found I do not have it, rockin the openoffice!

06-09-11  Listening to music on headphones so loud it drowns out the music I am listening to on my headphones.

06-08-11  Poisoned tip umbrellas.

06-07-11  Cicis is an all you can eat cinnamon roll buffet, with pizza sides.

06-06-11  An ant with a little ax, is the only way I can think of, for how split peas are made.

06-05-11  I like putting my ear next to a pregnant belly, and gently saying over and over, "murder".

06-04-11  If there is soft serve ice cream on the way to your event, I will go.

06-03-11  I've gotten so good at looking busy at work, I actually got stressed when I had nothing to do.

06-02-11  Is there a civil rights movement for people with bed bugs yet?

06-01-11  Some evil things are better than good things, devil's > angel food cake.