October's Daily Dose of Rants

10-31-11  My favorite sentence is 11-4-10.

10-30-11  I baked a potato and I liked it.

10-29-11  A belly full of greasy lo mein is excellent.

10-28-11  Is it too late for me to be a bowtie guy?

10-27-11  Frowning like the first time I had broccoli rabe.

10-26-11  Ice cream sandwiches and rice crispy treats need to get together.

10-25-11  At parties, I constantly point to the ceiling, so in pictures it looks like I was having the best time.

10-24-11  There was a piece of floss stuck to my dumplings, pretty good floss too.

10-23-11  1. Pistachio 2. Cashew 3. Almond 4. P-nut 5. Macadamia

10-22-11  I wish more of my stuff was magnetic.

10-21-11  Watching sports is fun, getting to overpay for stale popcorn.

10-20-11  Having a job is cool, you to say things like, "get down to brass tacks."

10-19-11  Say adorkable.

10-18-11  The buzzer just rang by itself, I am not terrified.

10-17-11  When I say "bitch", I do not mean rude, it's just how I refer to women.

10-16-11  Third annual ENC on the horizon.

10-15-11   To get sentences, but also the narrative of my life, follow me.

10-14-11   Reheat your pizza in the oven.

10-13-11   Every day at work I keep a shooting percentage of crumpled papers into the waste basket.

10-12-11   Adjusting to single life: I had to do buy hangers, do my own laundry, and fold it.

10-11-11   The first thing you should say to someone to make an impression is, "I love topaz."

10-10-11   Working on rubrics for scoring naps.

10-09-11   Coney Island: if you like beaches, but also like hidden rusty objects.

10-08-11   I have a blood-candy content of .15.

10-07-11  Is culinary school under the umbrella of Women's Studies?

10-06-11   Hal-yes I want a Gyro right now.

10-05-11   Typically, painter's pants are white, and that seems like the worst color choice.

10-04-11   For x-mas I want a big chunk of ambiguous meat.

10-03-11   In Harlem, terrified of black people #whitemenproblems.

10-02-11   All cupcakes will be finished in three bites.

10-01-11   Cleaning my room and jamming stuff under my bed are the same thing.