2nd Week of Chemo

This week has gone dramatically better than the previous week.  I did not have any sharp stabbing pains in my stomach and experienced only a few of the warned side effects from the chemotherapy infusion.  I now have an increased sensitivity to cold after the treatment, which makes things like a cool breeze or anything from the fridge my archenemy.  Luckily this only lasted about a day.

I wanted to take a moment and thank all the people that have sent some amazing care packages my way.  You are all absolutely amazing and each gift has brightened up my day.  I am unsure who sent me Hulk hands, but if you want to take credit for the awesome gift, please do so. 

In the photo above I am rocking an amazing “Straight Outta Chemo” shirt, which was given to me by Feetch.  If you have to go through chemo, you might as well look like a boss doing it.