Infusion Update

I am a little late on the update, however here it is.

Last week, I went in for yet another chemotherapy infusion.  While I have become somewhat used to these, I know it is not really something that anyone should become "accustomed" to.  I have never been a big doctor guy.  If I got sick in the past, I just dealt with it myself.  This was not due to some bad experience with professional medicine, it stemmed more from stubbornness and the feeling that the cost never really justified the results of the visit. For the most part, I was generally a healthy person.  I would rarely get sick and a doctor's visit was usually reserved for an annual check-up or due to some sports related injury (which occurred more than it should).  Thankfully, it was Clover that persuaded me to see a doctor back in August which led to the detection of my cancer.  Now I have become accustomed to going to see the doctor at least once a week.  It is strange how quickly things can change. 

There is nothing really new to report on my end regarding my progress.  Clinically, I am doing better as my appetite has returned and I feel better than I did prior to treatment.  This most recent infusion was a little weird as they went through a vein in my hand. It was kind of funny - the nurses apologized for having to go through the hand because they know I like doing work while getting the infusion, and they were worried that the IV might hinder my typing.  One of the main changes to note is that the cold sensitivity in my hands has increased.  I am now wearing gloves in November when I used to be able to partake in a snowball fight bare-handed. 

For anyone that reads this blog, thank you and I appreciate you checking in on my progress.