Starting to Work Out

This is the 2nd photo I have ever taken of myself at the gym.  The other photo was of me doing dumbbell curls while drinking eggnog. I did not take this photo to brag or boast, because as I look at it, I think quite the opposite.  I look at this photo and see a shell of what I used to be physically.  I have dropped around 35lbs and I would wager that a good chunk of that weight was muscle.  I was a person that worked out fairly frequently and maintained a decent build.  Friends would joke that I had "glamour muscles", which wasn't entirely false.  My chest, shoulders and biceps would make progress while my stomach would fall victim to weekends of drinking and late night food.  After being diagnosed, going to the gym fell quickly to the back burner.  With the combination of sickness, doctor's appointments, and lethargy, I found myself falling out of the weekly habit I once maintained.  Last week was my first visit back to the gym in a long time, and it was a much needed reality check.  While I cannot push myself the same and have to be extremely mindful of what I do now, I can still work out and I can hopefully rebuild some of what has been lost.  This week I will start working out with my good friend Chris Wicus of Wicus Strength.  He is an absolutely fantastic trainer and I know that I am in capable and watchful hands every step of the way.  I look forward to each week and hopefully making progress both with fighting cancer and building a healthy body.