Ultimate Frisbee Fundraiser

Hello All,

I wanted to take a moment to thank Jeff Greenberg and all that attended/helped run the Gary Mason's Annual Turkey Bowl back in November.  They used the tournament to help raise funds for the #RyFight and successfully raised $1151.  I am always surprised and amazed at the generosity of others during this extremely difficult time.  I have learned that cancer is an extremely expensive ordeal and with a disease that is based so much in mental toughness it can become extremely difficult when a person has to worry about how to financially handle the costs in addition to everything else.  I am blessed to have so many caring friends that are willing to put aside their own financial strife to help another in need.   There is no community quite like the ultimate community and I am so happy to have been a part of it for so many years.  Here is hoping I will be able to handle playing a bit at Fool's Fest in April.

I have attached a write up of the tournament, written by Jeff, which has been long overdue.  

It was November 27th the day after Thanksgiving and the forecast was for a beautiful day in the low 60’s. Much better than the previous year when snow covered the fields and cleats were useless in the ice skating rink that was Clarkstown North High School. This was the 21st annual hat tournament Gary Mason has hosted. People started showing up around 10:15/10:30. By 10:45 we lined up in height order, took a jello shot and then counted off 1-4. The teams were set and the jersies were Shania Twain, Tamar Braxton (I Think), Beach Boys (yellow), and Beach Boys (white). This was a round robin tournament (3 games guaranteed) with games to 13 capped at an hour and fifteen minutes. As the first 7 walked to the line it was clear that it was the day after Thanksgiving. People were moving a little slower, hucks were more dominant and skill seemed to not be there. But again, it was in the 60’s so who could complain. First match Shania battled Beach Boys (yellow). Yellow was victorious and kept their field. Tamar Braxton was defeated by Beach Boys (white). The winners kept their fields and again both Beach Boys teams were victorious in the second matches. So the finals were 2-0 Beach Boys v. 2-0 Beach Boys. And you guessed it, the Beach Boys won. Beach Boys white took down the victory and went undefeated on the day. Though I was not a Beach Boy, I can honestly say the battle of the 0-2’s was epic and involved a lot of jello shots. The games finished up around 2ish and everyone made there way back to Gary’s house where beer and warm food was waiting for us. I’d say 60 people played in the tourney and 35-40 people made there way back to Gary’s house. While there we had our annual Baby Pac-Man tournament. Baby Pac-Man if you are not aware is the GREATEST arcade video game ever. It is as if Pac Man had sex with a pinball machine and their bastard child was Baby Pac-Man. There were 16 competitors and though not seeded #1 after his 2014 victory, John Doebelle won again in back to back years.