Routine is such an interesting thing.  It gives people the ability to become used to something that many normal people may never experience.  Chemotherapy has become a routine for me.  I spend over 4 hours a week in a hospital receiving treatments that essentially pump poison through my veins.  I head home and know the exact time the anti-nausea meds will wear off and when I will become useless for the rest of the evening.  That time is 8:30pm.  I have seen the effects of chemotherapy on many people, and I know that I am luckier than most as I am able to handle it at a level that often confuses the nursing staff and doctors over at NYU. 

No person should ever become used to having an IV every week for 4 hours, especially while in their 30’s.  The human mind, however, is so unique in its ability to adjust and roll with the things that happen.  I joke that it’s like if you only had cereal with water instead of milk.  Sounds disgusting now, but I am sure any person could become accustomed to such a culinary delight with the right motivation.

I have been on chemotherapy infusions for almost 8 months straight.  This is dramatically longer than many people.  I have been lucky to have minimal side effects from the drugs, and my ability to tolerate the medicine has been my strongest asset in fighting cancer.  They now keep an emergency kit nearby because the chance of me having an allergic reaction increases the more times I have my chemo.  While I hope that never happens, it is always better to be prepared. 

I guess the point of this post is do not fall victim to routine.  Life is unique and special and every event you experience should be wonderful and new.  However sometimes routine is necessary for survival.  Find your balance.

I will keep fighting the good fight and telling my story as long as people will listen.