Finding Comfort

Chemotherapy is an extremely taxing endeavor on your body.  While I handle it as best I can, I see people on a weekly basis that find the struggle almost unbearable.  I am not entirely sure if my reasons for seemingly handling it better are based on my age and ability to recover more quickly, my stubborn “deal with it” nature, or if I am just lucky (using the term lucky very loosely).  

All I know is this most recent chemotherapy schedule has been a little more demanding.  I joke with friends that this cancer is getting in the way of my social life, which is completely true.  I am pretty much out of commission from the day of the infusion until about 2 days after.  However, I am a young idiot so I still go to work and try to handle day to day activities, but it is very clear that I am not at the same level as I used to.  

I am writing this post because I feel it is important for people dealing with cancer or even just dealing with any of the many inconveniences of life to find comfort when uncomfortable.  I have pretty much a solid routine that I try to follow after chemotherapy.  I go home and blast the air conditioning (I typically get very hot after infusion)  I then lay on my couch with the beautiful quilt that Becca Canetti made for Clover and I as a wedding gift. From there I just turn on the television and wait for chemo brain to kick in.  Sometimes Clover will see me trying to do work and scold me to relax, which is probably to my benefit because I am barely making sense when trying to speak.  Chemotherapy has been unpleasant, however I am fortunate enough to be able to do some things and not become a hinderance to my friends and loved ones.

The moral of this post is find what makes you comfortable and do it.  

That is all