Guest Post: Stephen "Feetch" Glauser

Think back to your first Ryan West experience.  

Perhaps it was in beautiful Albany, NY after a shitty frisbee tournament, and you were in college. You're underage, and you're dumbstruck because there is a band, and tons of people have their clothes off, and you don't know who (or what) you're making out with. You can't believe that a college party can look like the movies you love (remember, it's the early 2000's and you love Van Wilder and Eurotrip

Or it was a theme party, and you've just been handed a mission that you need to complete before the night is over, but before you can read it, it's ripped from your hands and set on fire because it was someone else's mission to make sure you don't complete yours.

Or maybe it was New Year's Eve in New York, and there's a band, photo booth, and videographer. And you turn around, and as you're watching, women in heels and formal dresses pull at each other's hair because the coat check lady bounced, and you have your first "only in New York" moment. 

Or maybe it was just a house party, but you're on a rooftop in Harlem, and they're playing beer pong but it's with mimosas, and instead of balls, it's strawberries, and there's a firepit, and they're cooking paella on it, and someone has a deep fryer for deep fried oreos, and there is a projector and movie screen, a bunch of inflatable kiddie pools to sit in while you watched movies, and sure, this may be a combination of any number of parties he threw, but you get the idea.

Maybe it's your weekly Trivia get together, where you meet up with your friends and are entertained by the charismatic, well-spoken young man without a lisp at the microphone, but as you're listening you realize oh wait, he does have a lisp but is somehow able to make it disappear when he's talking into the mic, and you wonder, if he can do that, why doesn't he talk like that all the time? Who is the type of person who would DO that?

The point is, this is a man who has given us a ton of experiences and made them memorable (if only to make them forgettable by the sheer quantity of booze served at any of them). 

As you all know, Ryan's having a tough go of things these days (and if you've been in a cave for the past year and a half, catch up). So we're trying to give him some experiences back.  He's had courtside Knicks tickets, he'll be going to SNL, and we've got ringside tickets to a boxing match, but somehow, that seems paltry compared to everything he's given us. Some of these things are donated, but other things cost money, so if you've ever had a good time at an event thanks to Ryan, throw in some money to help give him a good time.

Now for the #realtalk. This shit sucks - but when you're diagnosed with cancer, no one will give you life insurance.  This often means that the people you leave behind are stuck with bills while in mourning. Any of the money raised here that can't be used for Ryan's bucket list, will be saved for future use towards a memorial, FUNeral, burial, and all the stuff that sucks about cancer. It sucks enough to watch a loved one suffer, but to then have the added stress of trying to pay for those services while mourning, would be terrible. 

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