His Majesty Ryan Tremper West, first of his name, passed away peacefully in his sleep in the early morning hours of Friday, April 21st.

The outpouring of support from friends and family since his diagnosis on September 21st 2015 was a constant source of uplifting positive energy to help him continue the fight, and he was always grateful and often humbled by the generosity of everyone.

How do you memorialize a man who inspired and entertained us for so many years?  In the tradition of this great man, there will be an After Party. We will try to do his legacy justice, but recognize that the best organizer, event planner, and MC was Ryan. Look for updates at the blog, Facebook, and by word of mouth for this upcoming celebration.

For now, many of you will be feeling many things. This is healthy and good. You may have an instinct to send flowers, food, condolences, and other normal, socially acceptable practices for the mourning process.  But remember, this was not a normal man. Use this as an opportunity to tap into your creative side, and think of something out of the box inspired by Ryan.

The party that was planned on Sunday at the Belfry is still on.  We can drink and reminisce and brainstorm ways to memorialize him.

Please respect Clover’s privacy in this time, and continue to direct any questions to Feetch at sglauser@gmail.com or 315-391-3276