¡Cinco de Ryo!: The #RyFight After Party

After many long discussions with Ryan, we found that rather than a traditional funeral or wake, Ryan preferred a social occasion to celebrate his life and all the people that he cared about. With that in mind, we have organized this memorial party in celebration of Ryan West. To clarify, this party IS the event that is taking place instead of a traditional funeral or wake.



When is the party?: This Friday, May 5, 2017, 6:30PM – 11:30PM

**We placed a Save the Date on Facebook, but for anyone who was unaware of the date, I apologize sincerely for the last minute notice!

Where is the party?: Bernheim & Schwartz Beer Hall (2911 Broadway, between 113th and 114th street, in Manhattan)

Will there be food? We will have party platters available for snacking during the event (both meat and veggie options), however this is not intended to be a full dinner. If you eat a little beforehand, you will probably have a better time (and a better morning after)!  

What should I wear? Wear whatever you would like! Though this is being done instead of a traditional funeral/wake, this party is to celebrate a man who loved dressing in bright colors, so feel free to wear whatever festive or favorite outfit you would like! However if you would rather rock a black dress, black suit, or a black fascinator, be our guest!

Should I bring flowers? Clover is really bad at taking care of plants, so this event may not be the best place to bring them, for fear of killing them outright rather than slowly over the course of a week.

I was told I would be forced to drink Ensure or Gatorade if I cried. Should I avoid emotions at all cost? We are all out of Ensure and Gatorade, so fear not! Though the #RyFight celebrations are meant to be events to remember great times with friends and share laughs and love, any display of emotions will likely just result in very big bear hugs. That being said, there are always mini games being played at Ryan West parties, so don’t be surprised if someone does try to come up to you and feed you cat food.

Will there be an after After Party party? Of course! The details on that are still TBD.

Some helpful tips about the neighborhood from Cullen: 

Hey Party Goers/Lovers of Ryan. Please note that Bernheim is closing down for the day so you will not be able to eat there before the party or order food there. Some recommendations; Mel's Burger has tasty burgers and fries, a pretty solid beer list, and alcoholic milk shakes. It is located on Broadway between 110th and 111th. Also on that block you can get a humongous slice of pizza at Koronet. On the west side of that block are your chain restaurants (Starbucks, Chipotle, and Five Guys). If you are coming from out of town and a lover of Seinfeld, Tom's Diner is located at 112th and Broadway. There is a decent family style Italian place called V&T located on Amsterdam between 110th and 111th. A hidden gem of the area is Roti Roll. They are located on Amsterdam between 109 and 110 and serve fast food Indian. 

If you are feeling traditional, you might walk an avenue East to the Cathedral of St John (between 110th and 113th on Amsterdam). This is the one of the largest cathedrals in the world and has a beautiful rose window, the largest in the US. There is also a large park on 110th and Columbus Avenue, Morningside Park, if you wanted to lay out a blanket or toss the disc around. 


Street Parking is available along Broadway and Amsterdam but you might have to circle the block a few times and or look on the side streets. You may need to feed the meter until 8:00PM (always read the signs) but should be good after that. We certainly prefer that you take public transportation for anyone choosing to drink. You could leave your car overnight but would likely need to move it Saturday morning if you park on an avenue. If you are able to park on a side street, you would be good until Monday or Tuesday morning, depending on the side of the street.


Who do I contact if I have any questions? As always, the inimitable Stephen “Feetch” Glauser will be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have (sglauser@gmail.com).

Ryan West, pictured here with Winston and Rocco. The man loved puppets. Poorly executed photoshop by Clover West.

Ryan West, pictured here with Winston and Rocco. The man loved puppets. Poorly executed photoshop by Clover West.