Happy Birthday Ryan

Today is Ryan's birthday. 

He loved his birthday, and the celebrations that he planned for himself often took up a whole week, or even more. Sometimes, they were shared festivities with other summer babies (most often Kerry/Cass), but there would always be something just for him. Wildwood's Beach Ultimate tournament just won't be the same without "Birthday Jerk" or "Ryan West & the Miami Sound Machine" or some other Ryan-themed team. 

To celebrate his birthday, and his life, and because cemeteries can be sad/scary/creepy, we wanted a place to be with Ryan that would be more accessible (ie. located in Manhattan). We would like to sponsor a bench in Central Park in Ryan's honor. Whether it was making snow-effigies of BIlly Olli, having a picnic, day-drinking after liquid brunch, getting yelled at by the park police for an "organized" game of football, or building a snow fort, the park was a central (see what I did there) part of our lives. With a bench, we can go sit with Ryan and our thoughts, have a picnic with him, or have our dogs pee on it. 

Please go to the link below to visit the fundraising page for Ryan's bench. 


It's also No-Lie July, a game that we invented years ago, and that he loved. I hope that you're all keeping each other honest, and accountable. It's what he would have wanted. Speaking of things he loved, if you get a chance to visit Times Square, try to remember all the great times we had there with Ryan. He used to say, "man, we have so many great times in Times Square, we should call it Great Times Square!" Take a selfie and post it on social media with the hashtags #RyFight #SelfieWithTheKing #GreatTimesSquare. He would have loved that.

Edit by Clover: Feetch took a shot for that, don't you worry. 

 Ryan at Great Times Square. Ryan also loved the magic of photoshop. 

Ryan at Great Times Square. Ryan also loved the magic of photoshop.